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Get an aerobic workout that's easy on your joints with ICG class! Our ICG simulates outdoor riding with sprinting, hill climbing and other techniques. Classes may include core work too, to strengthen your abdomen and lower back. All levels are welcome, and workouts can be adapted to fit your goals and needs.

Do you like cycling? This activity is for you!

More than 100 different tracks: of any difficulty level for all skill levels

Functional Test

For a more productive and efficient workout. The results will be saved in the application, so the load adjusts to you.

Rock my Trip

A calm workout where we learn the correct cycling technique. We feel how the muscles should work. A pleasant accompaniment will be a video tour of picturesque places.

Rock the Cycle

Training in functional areas. Music will keep you awake, and a short dumbbell block at the end of the session will work your upper body.