Marina Korzhenko


Baiseitova Club, Almaty



Fitness has always been with me, even though I am a music teacher by first education. And before I became a professional fitness trainer, I worked out on my own and coached my girlfriends, until one day one of them asked me why I didn’t do fitness professionally as a trainer. I had never asked myself that question, but I realized it hit the spot. And from that moment on I knew what I wanted to dedicate my life to!
I specialize in stretching, pilates and various types of yoga. Surprisingly, at first I didn’t have much love for Pilates until I saw the results of this type of training in my own example: from a slouchy, small and unattractive girl I turned into a light, slender woman with excellent coordination and balance.

Do you want to love yourself and fitness as much as I do? See you next time we work out together, then!